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Little Red Riding Hood


In my opinion, Little Red Riding Hood is not only the most studied tale in history but also the one with more editions and retellings.

It has been traslated into all languages and that makes it the most spread and known tale in the world. 

It is a very popular tale not only for what we can read in the tale, through different times, but for its different illustations. 

LRRH is a very surprising tale for children because the main character gets killed and the killer runs away without any punishment at all. Is there another tale with such a cruel ending?

For the reasons mentioned I consider a must the inclusion of a bibliography including the classic tale, its
different versions, its retellings, the studies and articles on LRRH.

But a bibliography on LRRH would not be complete if it didn't have the works of the illustrators as well.

This is not an easy task because it is time consuming; this justifies the fact that this page will never be finished.