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Little Red Riding Hood


There have been many different uses of Little Red Riding Hood story and with very peculiar purposes. This is just a small selection which, of course, will be increased.

England In his picture we can see Little Red Riding hood (France) paying a visit to her Ganny (England). The picture was published before England defeated France in Egypt.

warning Don't lend your ears.
Don't believe in tales.
We need the real thing.
Don't be silly.
Girls are not so stupid nowadays as they used to be...

cuentos no "Little Red Riding Hood is not a tale" implies that it is the real thing.
Danger is not over.
The fact is that the woman in the photo is not LRRD, it is the basket the one covered by a red cloth.
This woman is not Little, is not in red "apparently" and does not wear a visible hood.