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Little Red Riding Hood


pulgarcito   Caperucita.
 Pulgarcito contra monstruos.
Ogros, dragones, brujas, lobos, diablos…

Little Red Riding Hood and Tom Thumb against the Monsters

filmk Little Red Riding Hood  and the  Monsters
Tex Avery The characters of the fairy-tale absolutely refuse to tell the tale in the same old way. Instead LRRH is transformed into the hottest singer in town, the wolf becomes The Wolf and grandma turns into a man chaser.
A fine animated short from Tex Avery, he uses the fairy tale of LRRH. After the characters have complained they always have to play the same story over and over again the story is changed completely. The wolf is a rich character who falls in love with Red. She doesn't want him because she has to go to her grandma. The wolf makes sure he gets there before Red does. Instead of a sick old woman he finds a mature lady who is attracted to the wolf.

Of course hilarious moments are what we get.

This short has a nice story and the usual Tex Avery humour, including written messages.

The short is not really suitable for children. It has some sexual references, but adults will like this very much.

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