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Little Red Riding Hood

The tale Contents

Perrault's Little Red Riding Hood contains a lot of ideas and concepts. They look like the concepts any child should know, to some extent they reveal the kind of education andults wanted for their children.

The first idea is the love that exists between Little Red Riding Hood and her Granny. 

Granny loves her, probably, because she is the one who looks after her. 

Being old at that time was not a joke, old people needed young people to give them a hand when needed.

Everybody loved Little Red Riding Hood because she was a good girl, a beautiful girl. 

To prove everybody that the girl loved her Granny she wore a red hat. 

Little Red Riding Hood's mother was in charge of her house as a housewife, she had baked some bread and sent the girl to her granny's to provide her with the weeky bread. 

In small villages there was not a baker, so every neighbour baked some once a week and share it with his neighbours, and they did the same thing in return. In that way they had fresh bread more often. 

Little Red Riding Hood's mother tells her how to behave in her way to granny's, but Little Red Riding Hood disobeys her mother. 

Children soon forget their parents words.