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Little Red Riding Hood

The Tale Characters

Granny. An old woman who lives alone in a house in the middle of a forest gets ill. That causes that a little girl has to go and visit her to take her something to eat. ill

Mother. We all know that mothers are always very busy looking after the house  and doing many other tasks. That is the perfect excuse to send her little daughter to visit her granny. She forgot everything about Big Bad Wolf... 


Little Red Riding Hood. Her age is always a matter of controversy. She sometimes wears a red cap and/or a red cape with a hood.  In some countries she wears a red hood similar to the one used by horse riders.


Wulf. The wolf appears in very different ways, as a wolf on four legs looking like a real wolf, or as a wolf on two legs with or without clothes on and sometimes wearin a hat and a walking stick.   

Perrault: Punishment. In many Little Red Riding Hood old tales we can see a cruel ending: either a tomb or a cross meaning that LRRH is dead as a result of not obeying her mother. death

Grimm Bros: Hunter - Happy Ending. It is usually a woodcutter or a hunter the only man who appaears in the tale; but in some tales there is a happy coincidence: her father is either a woodcutter or a hunter.