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Little Red Riding Hood

Gustave Doré illustrates “Le Petit Chaperon Rouge”

pictute 1

The meeting between LRRH & the wolf took place along the forest path. The close proximity of their bodies while they are looking into each other’s eyes shows that they trust each other.

Both of them are standing, one foot in front of the other. In fact they are moving at the same pace looking into each other’s eyes while walking.

The size of the wolf is huge, we see him from behind with his ears pricked up.

LRRH is telling him something and reinforcing it with a gesture.

picture 2

The wolf is about to devour Granny. Her glance announces a tragedy is about to unfold; the wolf has his mouth open & his tongue is out of his mouth. The wolf is on two legs and about to pounce.

On the bed, we can see her glasses & her box of sniffing tobacco. The box is open at the very moment of his attack.

    The cat decides to take refuge under the bed in such a situation.

picture 3

Little Red Riding Hood, in Perrault’s version, gests undressed before getting into bed with the wolf.

    Doré shows this moment in his third picture.