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Little Red Riding Hood

Perrault's Recollection

Charles Perrault did not invent the story of Le Petite Chaperon Rouge but he contributed to fix the story, a popular folk story. Collecting popular tales is a part of folklore.

The tale has two or three different names: Stories or Contes tu temps passe (1697), but it is also known as Tales of Mother Goose (Contes de ma Mère l'Oye) because of the inscription on the front cover in the original edition.

Contes de ma Mère l'Oye include the following tales:

    1. La Belle au bois dormant.

    2. Le Petit Chaperon Rouge.

    3. La Barbe-bleue.

    4. Le Maître Chat, ou le Chat botté.

    5. Les fées.

    6. Cendrillon, ou laetite Pantoufle de verre.

    7. Riquet à la Houppe.

    8. Le Petit Poucet.

All these tales became widely known all over the world after they published. Most of them have remained without any major changes but .Le Petit Chaperon Rouge has been constantly changing. The most important changes were the ones introduced by the Grimm's Brothers a century later. 

We can consider various different points of view: 

    - The Grimms changed the tale.

    - The tale changed after a century.

    - There was a different version of the tale in Germany.

But we know for certain that the Grimms wrote three different endings for Le Petit Chaperon Rouge. 

Why did they do so?

Another interesting fact is that the tale was changed a century later and it has been changing ever since.

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