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Little Red Riding Hood

The Situation before Perrault

Different studies have tried to explain how the story of Little Red Riding Hood was composed. Some of them found in Italy and in France three different stories which contain all the ingredients. 

The oldest written record of the story was found in classical Greek; a traveller mentions that he heard the story of a girl  wearing a red cap who was followed by a wolf.

There is even an earlier mention to this story in Asia.

Charles Perrault (1628-1703) was one of the first who recollected tales for children. 

His Stories or Contes du temps passe (1697), also known as Tales of Mother Goose, include tales such as Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Ciderella, Blue Beard.

The story of Little Red Riding Hood we know today is the story Charles Perrault wrote down.

It is accepted nowdays that Charles Perrault changed the traditional story of Little Red Riding Hood when he wrote down the oral tale.He did not invent the story of Le Petite Chaperon Rouge. He just wrote down the story following the oral tradition. He did so because he wanted his children to listen to such stories. He thought that was a good way to educate his children and for that reason he changed a little bit the traditional story and included a Moral at the end of every tale.